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Do you find your garage door quite cranky as of late? Doubt something is severely wrong with its functioning? With constant usage and time, garage doors are bound to the implications of wear and tear, causing the doors to malfunction and corrupt drastically. Broken torsion springs or improper force settings are major situations when one needs to avail the services of experts. Malfunctioning garage doors or rusted springs can cause the garage doors to come crashing down unexpectedly. The implications of such occurrences are stark, and can cause severe injuries.

Too often, many of our clients have attempted to resolve the ‘suspected’ issues by trying out various do-it-yourself resolves. As experts, it can be stated that any such attempt can cause severe damages to your door, although they might appear to be fixed at the moment. Eventually, it can even lead to dysfunctional garage doors. With an extensive knowledge and appropriate high-quality tools, SOS Garage Door is adept at fixing all kinds of garage door issues in Needham, MA with precision and swiftness.

Garage door inspection:

Garage doors come with an elegance of its own, and being so incredibly posh, they require regular safety check-ups and maintenance. It is imperative for you to check with a garage door expert for broken or rusted springs, disruption in the electronic mechanisms, improper safety eyes and for several other hassles the door is likely to have.

SOS Garage Door has a team of garage door professionals that has been trained rigorously to attend to various flaws in the door system. As dedicated personnel, we look forward to working closely with our clients and taking responsibility for all the maintenance services that needs to be provided. When you sense the need to perform a routine check-up, look no further for an expert. Contact SOS Garage Door and avail our maintenance services, we will ensure that your door stays in the best shape at all times.

Damaged doors:

In order to have a refined appeal, we rush to pick the best in everything. From choosing the materials to having a garage door customized with an intricate design, we never fail to miss a chance to be the best bet out there. But time surely is an enemy that robs off beauty, or the efficiency. Garage doors are highly subjected to wear and tear, making them inefficient overtime. Apart from the implications of time, the likeliness of garage doors being damaged due to several accidents cannot be ruled out. This may weaken the security of your premise, hence increasing the chances for vandals to gain entry into your premises.

In order to fix your damaged doors in the quickest manner, call SOS Garage Door! We will be quick to respond to your needs by providing swift fixes to your damaged door!

Off-track garage doors:

Garage doors are bound to go off-track due to a plethora of reasons. Implications of weather, snapped cables and springs (due to rust or usage) are two of the most common causes for the garage doors to begin acting up. If you sense your garage door going berserk, even slightly, ring SOS Garage Door and let us know about it.

We understand that you fear the high costs for repair services, but we assure you that our services are affordable and we don’t charge additionally under any circumstances. Hence, without attempting to practice a DIY solution, just give us a call and we will work our skilled hands on your exquisite garage door!