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Residents of Needham, MA area just know who to call when confronted with a garage door issue. With SOS Garage Door obtaining a superlative position in the industry, our clients look no further when it comes to fixing their garage doors. All credits go to our efficient and skilled team of garage door professionals who never fail to mesmerize our clients with their expertise and services. With appreciable qualification required in the industry, and years of hands-on training, our garage door experts provide the services in the best manner. We are known throughout the Needham, MA area for the amiable nature of our team and the timely response we provide to our customers.

A wide-range of options:

A few years ago, not many pay close attention to the quality or model of garage doors. But as time evolved, garage doors have become a sign of elegance, which is why we offer a wide-range of garage door models to choose from. Right from simplistic range of garage doors to the most modern models available in the industry, we offer them all. Apart from providing generic models, we offer custom-made models specially designed with high-security systems.


The presence of crevices and small gaps on the door allows varying weather conditions to afflict the functioning of the garage door. Harsh weather conditions such as the blistering storm, wind and rain can let the moisture seep inside the garage. These unattended loopholes can cause severe damages, and can prove to be expensive due to increased heating/cooling costs.

For this reason, we recommend you to install weather-stripping to your garage doors. With weather-stripping in place, you can ensure that all the crevices and gaps present on the door are sealed permanently. This ensures that the interior of your garage is as comfortable as the inside of your residence.

To replace or install new weather-stripping, give SOS Garage Door a call!